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Moranbah Mine Diesel Fitter Jailed For Defrauding Labour Hire Company

Moranbah Mine Diesel Fitter Jailed For Defrauding Labour Hire Company

A Moranbah diesel fitter will be cooling his heels in jail for 18 months after being found guilty of defrauding a labour hire company of $13,000 for work he falsely claimed was completed at a nearby mine.

Scott Ward found himself in a whole world of pain in Mackay’s Magistrates Court yesterday where he plead guilty to the charge of fraud along with several other unrelated fraud charges over non-payment of mechanical work completed on a ute and non-payment of a motorbike that had been sold to him in good faith.

Ward also plead guilty to stealing number plates, driving when disqualified, and driving while under the influence of alcohol.

To make matters worse, Ward was on a suspended jail sentence over other unrelated, but similar fraud matters, at the time he defrauded the labour hire company.

As reported in the Daily Mercury, Magistrate Ross Risson ordered Ward to pay compensation to the injured parties and serve at least nine months in jail before being eligible for parole. Ward was also disqualified from driving for three years.

“You took advantage of the system and lodged false claims,” Magistrate Ross Risson said.

The Daily Mercury reports that Prosecutor James Grehan told the court that the accused had completed time sheets for work that was supposed to be carried out at a mine, however Ward had not completed the work and had, in fact, not set foot on the work site.



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