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New FIFO Camp For Toowoomba

New planned FIFO camp for Toowoomba

A plan to construct a 500-room FIFO camp near Wellcamp Airport in Toowoomba has been submitted to the local council.

The 500 rooms will be constructed in two stages, with 250 built in each stage, designed to provide accommodation for workers in the Surat Basin gasfields, the Toowoomba Chronicle reported.

Mass Accommodation, the developer for the project, is awaiting council approval to construct the 40,000sqm camp.

Spokesperson for the company James Donnelly said that work in the area is expected to continue for a further 20 years, despite a downturn in gas activity.

“The infrastructure in the upstream market, which is the Surat Basin, has 30,000 more holes in the ground approved … and they need significant more work and like I said all of that plus things like roads are opportunities for businesses in Toowoomba and Surat, they’re endless,” he said.

Mr Donnelly said 150 rooms at the planned camp had already been booked by companies not wanting to use regular housing for worker accommodation.

“Food being a major problem, they need to make sure from the point of view of the welfare of the men and women in the workforce not to be eating at pubs and clubs is a good thing,” he said.

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