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Power’s On In North West Surat

The high voltage supply line is now powering the North West Surat Basin

Another milestone has been achieved by Queensland’s gas industry with the first section of a new high voltage transmission line supply powering gas processing facilities in the North West Surat.

Energy Minister Mark Bailey said a 28km section from Powerlink’s transmission network at Wandoan is now energising a new substation at Dinoun South, half-way between Wandoan and Roma.

“It’s a significant day for Powerlink’s network extension projects. These projects are supporting Queensland’s multi-billion dollar gas processing industry, which is generating thousands of jobs and powering the state’s economy,” Mr Bailey said.

The new transmission line is part of a vital shared connection for Santos Gladstone LNG (GLNG) and Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG), and is supplying power to the first of the gas processing plants.

“The next stage will involve energising from the Dinoun South Substation to Yuleba North Substation, the vital hub for Powerlink’s new connections in the region.

“Just last month, two massive transformers were delivered to Yuleba North Substation and construction there, and across the region, is progressing well.”

Powerlink Queensland Chief Executive Merryn York said energising the first section of the transmission supply arrangements in the North West Surat was a major achievement.

“This is a significant milestone for Powerlink – delivered almost exactly three years since we started engaging with the community on this project,” Ms York said.

“By delivering these projects, Powerlink also contributes toward the economic growth of Queensland through the resources sector, particularly LNG projects.”

Powerlink is constructing about 200km of transmission line, connected by seven substations, through an area bounded by Wandoan, Roma, Injune and Taroom. Further sections of the transmission supply arrangements are expected to be energised over the next year.

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