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Dy-Mark Mine Marking Flammable Toluene Free

Dy-Mark Australia, the experts in mine marking solutions, introducing a new and improved toluene free formula that delivers excellent performance and better safeguards the end user.

Dy-Mark Australia has gained trust and loyalty as a supplier within the mining industry, by consistently delivering superior marking products for over 40 years. Renowned for their expertise, Dy-Mark Australia has recently set focus on the Mine Marking Range and introduction of a toluene free formula.

What does a toluene free formula mean for the mining industry?

As a result of growing demand for sustainable, lower toxicity products especially in industries where end user safety is important, Dy-Mark have prioritised the well-being of workers in the mining sector and their surrounding environment by introducing a toluene free solution.

mine marker
mine mark

The product features and benefits

The new and improved Dy-Mark Mine Marking Flammable Toluene Free offers a wide selection of colours specifically formulated to deliver marks with exceptional opacity and brightness. The specially designed no-clogging formulation ensures optimal performance by ensuring smooth uninterrupted marking during application. The use of high-quality resins offers robust adhesion to rough surfaces, making them well-suited for the demanding conditions often encountered in mining environments.

Dy-Mark Mine Marking toluene free features a 360 degree valve that significantly expands the range of application angle. This feature enables precise and efficient marking, even in challenging and hard-to-reach areas.

All aerosol products in the range are packaged in durable 2Q cans with higher bar ratings (15-18 bar), ensuring exceptional strength and resilience to withstand the harsh conditions prevalent in Australian mining operations. To cater to different requirements, Dy-Mark Mine Marking is available in two options: Horizontal, which is ideal for marking walls, and Vertical, which is designed primarily for marking ceilings and floors.

Mine Marking Cans


mine marking handle

The various applications include general marking, directional markings, marking waypoints and drill hole locations, colour coding, safety mesh anchor points, identification, marking pit walls, and delineating ore zones in grading control and survey grid layouts.

In addition, the Dy-Mark Mine Marking Handle is recommended to extend reach (up to 5m), allowing users to mark areas that are harder to reach. This additional reach not only enhances efficiency but also assists in preventing back strain, by eliminating the need for excessive bending or stretching. The handle’s lightweight aluminium construction further contributes to its ease of use, making it comfortable to handle and reducing fatigue during extended marking sessions.


Dy-Mark Australia remains dedicated to delivering unparalleled performance.

Whether you need highly visible marks for safety or precise markings for accurate measurements, Dy-Mark Mine Marking is the reliable choice that will not let you down.

When it comes to mine marking solutions, Dy-Mark Australia is the name that mining professionals trust. With their new and improved toluene free formula, Dy-Mark Mine Marking continues to lead the way in providing cutting-edge, high-performance products that prioritise safety without compromising on quality.

Visit the Dy-Mark website at www.dymark.com.au to learn more about this range and more.

Dy-Mark Mine Marking – setting new standards in safety and performance for the mining industry.

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