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Three new cases of black lung confirmed

Three cases of black lung have been confirmed in as many days taking the total number of confirmed cases to 10. A 55-year-old underground coal mine worker was confirmed to have the deadly lung...

STUDY: Coal dust is harming coral

A new study has revealed coal dust in the ocean can kill coral and slow the growth of seagrasses and fish. “Corals exposed to the highest concentrations of coal dust died within two weeks,” says...

BLACK LUNG: Keith Stoddart’s story

There was a sea of red in front of Parliament House in Brisbane this morning, with union flags waving and chants shouted loudly as workers fought for more action against Black Lung disease. But the...

Black Lung review: Diagnosis missed by doctors

One of the six Queensland miners with a confirmed case of Black Lung was initially misdiagnosed by a doctor, a panel investigating to re-emergence of the deadly lung disease has found. The...

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