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NonFlam: The new standard in safety for Electrical & Contact cleaning aerosols

NonFlam Hammersley Australia Contact Cleaning Aerosols

Hammersley Australia’s new aerosol innovation, NONFLAM, promises a higher standard of industrial safety for all contact and electrical cleaning operations.

For nearly half a century, Hammersley Australia has forged an enviable Australian and international reputation for high performance and innovative industrial maintenance products.

Hammersley is already the preferred supplier of choice to many national and multi-national mining organisations and, through their continuing robust research, they continue to expand their influence. 

Hammersley is renowned for its technical expertise and capabilities in many diverse sectors of the chemical industry.

They now provide products and technical support services throughout all of the Australian states and territories, and in to S.E. Asia.

The highly regarded Hunter Valley-based specialty chemical manufacturer has now introduced NONFLAM, an innovative contact and electric cleaner aerosol that will provide a whole new level of consideration to the important issue of user safety.

The main thrust of Hammersley’s research has always been in specialty industrial areas, and it is energetic in its support services for all the products it manufactures, according to Brian McLean.

McLean is a research chemist and the technical services director of the Hammersley group of companies. He has led the research and development of all the company’s innovations since its inception in 1972.

Hammersley Australia is a wholly Australian company with a proud history of quality, integrity, innovation and environmental stewardship, and has been for almost 50 years.

“We’ve always been known for the quality of our products and for the integrity of our business dealings,” McLean indicates.

“Our main concentration is on the mining and heavy industry because, historically, it’s what we’ve studied and worked with all our lives. Our objective has always been to supply safe, quality products, properly suited to the task they are to perform. Our development of NonFlam is a perfect example.” McLean continues.

“Non-flammable aerosol contact cleaners and electrical cleaners have become a popular choice in mining and industrial applications, with the gravitation towards a safer workplace by eliminating any chance of fires.”

“Unfortunately, removing a fire hazard through the introduction of non-flammable aerosols has brought with it a whole new spectrum of safety issues that can be extremely hazardous to the product user and to the environment.”

“Non-flammability is easy and cheap to achieve, as long as there is no concern about the acute and chronic toxicity involved with the solvents that are normally employed.”

“Nearly all products in this segment contain a range of very harmful chemical carcinogens, narcotics and/or ozone depleters. With the high daily usage of these types of products in the mining and industrial maintenance areas, it has become a serious health issue.”

“The ingredient labels read like a toxic nightmare – Tetrachloroethylene (Perchloroethylene), Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride), 1-Bromopropane (N-Propyl Bromide) and 1,1-Dichloro-1-Fluoroethane (HCFC 141B)., being common offenders.”

“In addressing the problem of toxicity, our NONFLAM Contact Cleaner aerosol is unique – a modern solvent product that employs innovative, azeotropic technology to provide a product of very high quality, with exceptional credentials in safety and environmental responsibility.”

NONFLAM was developed and manufactured entirely in Australia. Hammersley embarked on a wide-ranging study of the azeotropic technology and the product was developed over a 15mth period, with the assistance of an Australian government grant for innovative research. “The only way to resolve this issue was for us to spend the time necessary and to consider an entirely different way of combining the triple functions of efficiency, safety and environmental responsibility.”

Hammersley indicates that it is continually expanding its technologies to increase the efficiency of their products and to meet their customer’s requirements.

“NonFlam is a good fit with our general philosophy of gentle chemistry, so it was a natural choice for us to research a solution to a problem that not many people knew existed.”

“From its inception, Hammersley’s NONFLAM Contact Cleaner has been widely accepted by many companies within the mining and support industries. We continue to strive to introduce this product further into all industrial areas around Australia. We believe it to be an important responsibility that this product is fully exposed to its market and that our chemical experience and expertise is used to educate on subjects that are often ignored.”

“To use this product is the right choice for any company. It respects the safety and wellbeing of workers and sets a strong example in environmental responsibility.”


  • NonFlam is a new generation technology.
  • Nonflam is workplace safe (no carcinogens or neurotoxic solvents).
  • It is non-flammable
  • It is environmentally friendly (non-VOC, low global warming potential (GWP), short atmospheric life).
  • It will not contribute any hazardous environmental emissions.

To learn more about NONFLAM and other great products
from Hammersley Australia’s range call 02 4928 2955, email
sales@hammersley.com.au and visit www.hammersley.com.au.

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