QMEB ยป PM commends specialist for rescuing 41 workers
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PM commends specialist for rescuing 41 workers

Arnold Dix
Arnold Dix

An emergency expert has been internationally applauded after freeing dozens of trapped underground employees.

Arnold Dix earned a prime ministerial commendation for rescuing 41 stranded workers from the collapsed Char Dam tunnel.

The Monbulk underground expert played a key role in drilling 260 metres through obstructing debris and pushing large pipes through for evacuation. The process took six days party due to damaged bearings, which had to be fabricated before work could continue.

“We cannot go fast and risk a second disaster. This situation is extremely dangerous and we must be extremely careful,” he said according to Reuters.

Anthony Albanese congratulated Dix on ensuring everyone exited the structure without any known injuries or deaths.

“A wonderful achievement by Indian authorities. Proud that Australian professor Arnold Dix played a role on the ground,” the PM said on Twitter.

Dix, who works for the International Tunneling and Underground Space Association, responded to the congratulatory message with a simple “thanks, Mr prime minister”.

“It has been my privilege to show that we are fantastic at not just cricket but we do other things as well, including tunnel rescue and how about 41 people all out, all safe? Everything is perfect,” he said in a video shared on YouTube.

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