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Quadrem, an Ariba company

Business runs on commerce.
Commerce. It’s the lifeblood of the global economy. And the engine of your business.

To succeed, you need to sell your product or service at the best possible price; buy the goods and services you need to operate at the lowest possible cost; and control finance activities so you have the cash to reinvest in growing your business.
Companies that manage this commerce lifecycle efficiently and effectively can drive highly profitable growth and gain a competitive edge.

Unfortunately, commerce isn’t always so easy
Over the past several decades, businesses have spent billions streamlining and automating processes within the four walls of their organisations.

But, when it comes to collaborating with other companies on core commerce processes like buying, selling, and managing cash, most companies remain hampered by inefficient, paper-based processes and outmoded operating infrastructures.
And that’s costing you big money. It’s costing your buyers and sellers as well.

In fact, industry analysts report that more than 80 per cent of business-to-business commerce transactions are completed manually. And businesses still send 85 per cent of invoices and payments on paper. All of this effort and all of this paper raise the cost of doing commerce and limit returns.

By some estimates, this inefficiency costs businesses $650 billion annually in the form of higher operating and supply costs, missed sales opportunities, and negative cash flow.

There is a better way
At Ariba, we know that business commerce is too important to be inefficient and costly. So, we’ve set out on a single mission: to empower better commerce for all companies.

Regardless of your industry, size, or location, and whether you’re buying, selling, or managing cash, we want to help you do it better. And, as the leading provider of collaborative business commerce solutions, we can.

For more than 15 years, Ariba has helped buyers and sellers control and optimise their commercial relationships. Today, we provide the most efficient, effective, and universally adopted platform for global commerce between businesses.

Whether you’re looking to control supply chain costs, increase sales, minimise risk, or enhance cash flow and operations – Ariba can help you do it better.

Welcome to the Ariba Commerce Cloud
Ariba powers better commerce through the Ariba Commerce Cloud, a web-based utility that contains everything you need for effective commerce:

Technology: Ariba provides market-leading applications for spend management, working capital management, and sales effectiveness – all delivered as scalable, cost-effective and burden-free cloud-based services. This allows you to automate and improve your processes, getting you the savings, revenues, and cash you want faster.

Community: The Ariba Network is the world’s largest trading community, empowering more than 700,000 global businesses throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Southern Hemisphere to discover, connect, and collaborate for better commerce. Our partners extend this value with financing, payment, intelligence, and other solutions. This industry-leading community lets you network, share best practices, collaborate with your partners and your peers, and ultimately manage and optimise all of your trading relationships in one place—delivering greater value and efficiency for you and your partners.

Capabilities: Ariba Global Services provides always-on expertise and adoption services that leverage the power of the Ariba Commerce Cloud to help you more efficiently and effectively connect with your trading partners and ensure your commerce success. Our experts deliver capabilities even the largest companies would be hardpressed to match. And our flexible delivery model lets you access these services onsite or remotely via the Web. So you have the flexibility to dial up the capabilities you need, when you need them. And dial them down when you don’t.

To learn more, visit www.ariba.com today.

Quadrem was acquired in 2011 by Ariba, Inc and is now fully integrated and operating as Ariba.

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