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Rare Earths & Strategic Metals processing commercial viability & environmental constraints

In February 2012 Mining IQ will be holding the second annual Rare Earths & Strategic Metals conference in Sydney. With China’s reduction of rare earth exports, the rare earth industry has received a surge of interest. Over the past year there has been significant growth in the sector with new projects and developments forming across the globe. However some industry experts suggest that the majority of projects will not reach the production phase.

How can you ensure that you give your project the best opportunity and develop your own rare earth intellectual infrastructure? Attend Mining IQ’s 2nd Annual Rare Earths & Strategic Metals event to learn from leading professionals in the rare earths and strategic metals field.

This boutique event will give you the opportunity to discuss your own rare earth concerns in an intimate forum, giving you access to valuable networking opportunities. Our conference will attempt to focus on the many challenges associated in setting up a rare earth project. Furthermore the event will examine the processing of rare earths and how successful metallurgical extraction can determine the commercial viability of your project. The conference will also examine the presence of thorium and uranium and how this can be managed to minimise environmental impact.

Why attend the 2nd Annual Rare Earths & Strategic Metals Conference?
Mining IQ has conducted comprehensive research with leading rare earth mining companies, EPCMs, financial investors, specialist consultants and end-users. Based on the issues expressed by people like you, we have developed a conference to help you overcome the challenges associated with your rare earths project.

This year you have asked us to focus on:

  • Leading global rare earth case studies
  • Methods to improve both the processing and manufacturing of rare earths
  • Forecasts for strategic and rare earth metals
  • Presentations by rare earth investors and financiers
  • End-users of rare earths

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