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Rent Assistance Program Makes Housing More Affordable in the Maranoa

HorizonHousingSantos GLNG has injected an extra$200,000 into funding for affordable housing in the Maranoa through Horizon Housing’s Rent Assist Program.

The program has been running for more than three years, following Santos GLNG’s initial $400,000 investment, and is available to families, couples, single people and seniors who are Maranoa residents or employed in the region and spend more than 30 per cent of their income on rent.

Santos GLNG Maranoa Regional Manager Sam Klaas said supporting social infrastructure was a key focus for Santos GLNG and the business was pleased to partner with Horizon Housing to ensure there were affordable housing options for the community.

“The Maranoa region is a fantastic place to live and work, and with our 50-year history in the region, we’re proud to support important local programs like this one,” Mr Klaas said.

“We’re committed to investing the benefits of our world-class gas business back into the community, and we’re pleased to be delivering a program that assists both long-term residents and newcomers when they need it most.”

Horizon Housing CEO Jason Cubit said the Rent Assist Program had helped more than 90 people since its launch and anticipated the additional support from Santos GLNG would provide a helping hand for an additional 30 people.

“This program, in addition to the 200 affordable properties Horizon Housing manages within the area, means that we can continue to keep people living and working in the Maranoa region,” Mr Cubit said.

The Rent Assist Program gives people the opportunity to apply for temporary accommodation or assistance with ongoing rental payments and bond money. On average, five people from the region receive assistance each month.

Tom Wehi, a teacher’s aide at Roma State College, has been living in Roma for over 10 years and said: “I was already struggling to make ends meet with accumulating bills and increasing costs of living, when my rent increased by $100 per week.”

“But with the help of the Rent Assist Program, I was able to alleviate these pressures and after eight months, I was in a position to find my own accommodation in one of Horizon Housing’s affordable housing properties,” Mr Wehi said.

For more information about available housing opportunities, eligibility criteria or rent assistance,  contact the Roma office on 1300 133 027 or email roma@horizionhousing.com.au

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