QMEB ยป Runaway heavy vehicle crashes while refuelling
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Runaway heavy vehicle crashes while refuelling

Fuel truck
Fuel truck

An operator discovered trucks can roll away even when a stop device is engaged.

An unoccupied fuel truck recently descended 8 metres and crashed into a mobile stacker despite the park brake already having been applied.

The employee had reversed the heavy vehicle up a grade and parked it with the wheels turned.

“The worker applied the park brake, engaged the power take-off for the fuel pump and left the engine running,” the New South Wales Resources Regulator said in an incident summary.

Investigators suggested the truck was not parked on a level surface, and its wheels were not chocked.

“Workers should ensure their vehicles are parked appropriately and are fundamentally stable before exiting them. For areas where mobile plant is regularly required to park, level park-up areas should be provided,” they said.

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