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Sidchrome – Driving Australia’s future

One iconic brand getting the Australian apprentice mechanics all revved up is Sidchrome. The company is proud to offer apprentices specifi cally designed tool kits at a competitive price.

The preferred choice among many mechanics in Australia and New Zealand since 1942, Sidchrome has built its reputation on supplying high quality, premium and professional products that last a lifetime, which is evident through Sidchrome’s lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship and material. Sidchrome is also renowned for its innovation in product development and has always been the leader in introducing new technology, such as the patented AntiSlip Design (ASD).

With a range of professional mechanic tools essential for any workshop floor, Sidchrome has you sorted with the necessary tools for quality workmanship.

For the apprentice just starting out, Sidchrome offer a 123 piece metric AF tool kit (10150). Housed in Sidchrome’s premium six drawer tool chest, the kit offers a new apprentice a range of tools to complete all general mechanical needs. The kit includes ¼” and ½” drive sockets and accessories, Next Generation Sidchrome pliers, AntiVibe ball pein hammer, adjustable wrenches, combination spanners ranging from 8-19mm and ¼” and ¾”. Hex Keys, punches, cold chisels, thru tang screwdrives, a hacksaw, mirror, magnet, aviation snips and scissors also come standard making this kit perfect for first year apprentice mechanics. Priced at $1,099, this comprehensive starter kit also comes with a bonus 10 piece Sidchrome geared spanner set valued at $229.

The Sidchrome 205 piece Metric AF Tool Kit (10151) is ideal for any second year apprentice looking to own a more sophisticated mechanics tool set. Housed in Sidchrome’s premium eight drawer tool chest, it contains all the commonly used metrics tools in a handy grab tray, ideal for completing jobs on the go. Featuring many of the tools in the 123 piece kit, this kit also comes with a range of drive sockets and accessories, Next Generation Sidchrome pliers, AntiVibe ball pein hammer, adjustable wrenches and combination spanners ranging from 6mm to 1¼”. A range of pliers including diagonal, long nose, locking, and multigrips will have you gripping, twisting and cutting like a pro. The kit also includes a feeler gauge, circuit tester, eight meter measuring tape, Stanley knife and a T Handled Ratchet screwdriver. Retailing at only $1,699, this kit is fantastic value and comes with a bonus eight drawer Sidchrome roller cabinet valued at $799, for approved apprentices.

The all new Sidchrome 307 piece premium tool kit (10152) range includes the most popular combination of mechanics tools combined with the latest products, and is available in the new premium storage chest. This kit is perfect for the fi nal year apprentice who needs a tool for every job. Apprentices also receive a bonus seven Drawer Sidchrome roll cabinet valued at $799, the Premium Tool Kit retails for $3,099.

If you’re out of the apprentice market, Sidchrome has just released two new soft storage bags that are perfect for on the go work or travel. The Sidchrome Open Tote Contractor’s Pro Bag (50000) and Heavy Duty Round Mouth Tool Bag (50001) are the perfect addition for the mechanic needing to shift tools from job to job, without having to carry their entire kit. The soft bags are made from high resistant denier fabric that is rigid to maintain shape. With a big capacity, they feature easy pocket access and are suitable for power tools or air tools and have bases that are water resistant allowing for work in any environment.

Looking to mix and match from Sidchrome’s quality range of socket sets, pliers, spanners and shifters and not purchase a full kit? If your apprentice spends more than $800 on any Sidchrome product they’ll send him or her a 100 piece Sidchrome apprentice pack worth $840!

To find out more about Sidchrome’s apprentice kits, what’s included, other Sidchrome products or your nearest stockist visit www.sidchrome.com.au

Sidchrome – You Canna Hand A Man A Grander Spanner!

*According to Australian Bureau of Statistics data, 2010

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