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Site Safety – Lockout Stay Safe!

Cirlock group lock boxes
Cirlock group lock boxes

Group lock boxes of all sizes

One person, one lock

If more than one person is working on the same plant, each person should attach their own personal padlock to each isolation point to prevent the equipment being operated. The isolation procedure should identify common lock out points to ensure energy cannot be restored while someone is still working on the plant.

To avoid the need for multiple locks on each lockout point, a group lock box will often be used. Group lock boxes are a great solution for isolating energy points when a large team is working. Using a group lock box allows you to dramatically reduce the number of locks required on a job, as well as limiting the weight on each isolation point by eliminating the need for lockout hasps and multiple padlocks, plus it provides a quick overview of who is still working without going to each energy point to check.

Under this system each lockout point is locked by only one lock (usually the supervisor). The keys to the locks of the plant’s lockout points are placed inside a Group Lock box, which is locked by all the individual locks of people working on the same plant. As each worker’s task is completed, he or she removes their own personal lock. When all locks have been removed, an authorised site supervisor verifies all workers are out of danger before reactivating power supplies or equipment.

There are many options available when it comes to group lock boxes and their sizes. Currently Cirlock stock options from 16 to 84 padlock holes, also in varying designs to suit the needs of the job. Larger group lock boxes also include storage hooks for padlocks when not in use and instruction holders can be fitted to some models.

Group lock boxes play an important part in site safety and efficiency. Now with even a custom made option available there are no excuses for compromising site safety and all employees can be kept safe using the most up to date equipment to enforce the most stringent procedures on your site.

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