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Specialist steel doors for the mining sector

Monarch Renlita has over 45 years’ experience providing large door openings. Historically, mine sites had large open sheds primarily used to carry out service and maintenance activities on mining equipment and large mining vehicles. Due to the nature of the mine sites, there were several issues surrounding working in a large, open-sided shed. These included dust, extremes of temperature and wind and rain.

To meet the changing requirements of the industry and workplace and significant improvements in mine safety, it was necessary to investigate ways to improve work conditions. It was decided to install doors to the work sheds so the area could be sealed off. As a result, large steel doors were introduced.

As the mining industry changed, there was also a change to mine vehicles and mine equipment. These continued to evolve. Oversized machines with a large capacity were introduced for high production efficiency and to meet customer requirements. To enable entry of large dimension mine vehicles, and taking into account the extreme weather conditions on some mine sites, the doors had to be engineered to accommodate the large size of the vehicles and to have the ability to withstand high wind loads.

When the maintenance sheds were enclosed, they provided workers who were carrying out maintenance duties the benefit of a controlled working environment. Servicing time for regular maintenance procedures was reduced.

Other benefits were to equipment, vehicles and to the sheds themselves. When protected from the elements, all have a longer lifespan. In coal mines, doors at the front of maintenance sheds prevented coal dust from entering buildings. These factors resulted in a more efficient operation.

Monarch Renlita Overhead Doors (Monarch) design and manufacture large-scale specialist steel door solutions for the mining sector. Monarch is a national business that is well placed to provide a wide variety of steel doors to mine sites throughout Australia.

Monarch doors have a reputation for their strength and the use of quality materials. Our doors are rugged and they have an outstanding performance record under harsh conditions. Monarch doors provide an ideal solution when used in maintenance facilities that house large mine vehicles and mine equipment. Monarch offers dependable and robust doors that provide security and smooth, effortless operation for the large scale door openings required on mine sites.

Our doors span up to 30 metres and are engineered to withstand high wind loads.

Monarch custom made counterweight balanced doors are functional, durable and reliable and are widely used in mine sites throughout Australia. Our doors suit high security applications.

Each door is individually designed and manufactured to suit customer requirements. Monarch doors are manufactured offsite and when delivered to site, require minimal installation works and in turn, there is only a small amount of disruption to the site. Once installed, Monarch steel doors require minimal servicing.

We design our doors alongside the building designer, working around the crane beams to ensure the crane access and operation is not obstructed. Vertical slides are a perfect solution when dealing with crane access. The vertical doors slide between the crane beam and the outside of the building, effectively freeing the path of the crane.

A Monarch customer in the building industry provided feedback that after carrying out extensive research to source a suitable door, he found the Monarch Renlita custom-made door was the best product available for his project.

Monarch door solutions for buildings in the mining industry include the Monarch Renlita Series 5000 vertical sliding counterweight balanced single-leaf door and the Monarch Renlita Series 3000 foldaway two-leaf door. Features of these doors include:

  • Each door is designed and manufactured individually, using precise mathematical calculations to achieve exact counterweight balance for safety and appearance.
  • Renlita 5000 and Renlita 3000 doors are clad vertically with COLORBOND® ribbed sheeting, e.g. Trimdek and Spandek.
  • Complete with Zincanneal steel counterweight casings.
  • Suit opening sizes up to 30 metres.
  • Suitable for power operation as detailed below.

– All doors incorporate the Renlita heavy duty drive electric operation system, designed to fully open or close the door at approximately six to seven seconds per metre of opening height, using a continuously rated three phase motor, closecoupled to a matched reduction gearbox.

Monarch offers a broad range of industrial doors. Our products suit many applications and have the capacity to accept a wide variety of sizes and claddings.

Monarch has a reputation for manufacturing innovative products using only the highest quality materials. Fundamental to our success is our mastery of technology and our capacity to tune into market needs, together with an outstanding research and development team who have established patents exclusive to Monarch. Everything at Monarch is provided in-house, including:

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • 24-hour service

Established in Australia, Monarch Renlita has been manufacturing specialist doors for more than 45 years. In 2001, Monarch became part of the ARA Group. ARA is a group of companies specialising in building and infrastructure services for industrial, commercial and government markets. ARA is a privately owned and operated Australian business.

The ARA Group is comprised of the following capabilities:

  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Mechanical Services
  • Electrical Services
  • Fire Protection Services
  • Security Services
  • Integrated Facility Maintenance

Monarch has offices and manufacturing facilities located in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. We have an office in Perth and agents in all states of Australia.

Available Exclusively From Monarch Renlita Overhead Doors

For More Information Monarch Renlita Overhead Doors Sydney : 02 9526 1222 Melbourne: 03 9768 2562 Brisbane: 07 3805 7314

e: sales@monarchdoors.com.au w: www.monarchdoors.com.au

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