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Strong contenders at safety innovations awards

The Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference 2015 has gone off with a bang, with hundreds of delegates gathering in Townsville until tomorrow.

With a program packed full of safety presentations and research paper discussions, one of the most anticipated events of the conference is the Innovation Awards.

This afternoon, each of the finalists gave a presentation on their innovation prior to the awards ceremony at the conference dinner tomorrow evening.

Innovation Awards finalists for 2015:

1. Agitator Sonar Discharging System: Redpath Australia.

The Redpath Cannington Project team along with Remote Control Technologies investigated options whereby they could eliminate the need for personnel to be positioned in the interaction zone between the agitator and the spray rig during the supply and application of the shotcrete cycle.

2. Pulley String Catcher: Anglo American Moranbah North Mine.

The Pulley String Catcher improves safety of workers by reducing exposure, improving maintenance of pulleys and allowing simple visual inspections and eliminates string build up in the labyrinth seal significantly reducing fire potential.

3. QDS Tyre Handler: Oaky Creek Mine – Glencore.

The QD900 allows the removal and installation of shuttle car and LHD wheel assemblies with absolutely no manual handling. The machine, with six ranges of motion, can be operated by two men instead of four.

4. Monorail Beam Installation and Salvage System: Glencore Oaky Greek Coal No 1. Colliery.

The system includes the design and manufacture of purpose-built storage pods that are mounted on the work platform at the point of monorail salvage. The system reduces lifting, carrying tasks and injury potential.

5. Stonedust Spraybar: Vale – Carborough Downs Coal Mine.

The Stonedust Spraybar hangs from the ceiling and eliminates manual handling, is extremely cost effective and increases efficiency and consistancy of stonedust application, coating evenly.

6. Automatic Brake Application System (ABAS):  New Hope Group Coal Operations.

In the event that a body is in the raised position, activation of an overhead trip wire causes a signal to be sent to the on-board component of the system which enacts the fail to safe park brake system of off-highway trucks at risk. A modulated release of the park brake system air pressure causes the park brake to be applied, allowing the truck to halt it progress without wheel lock or skidding.

7. Multi-fit Pipe Lifting Attachment: New Acland Coal.

The attachment, easily fitted to a standard Franna Crane boom, allows for maintenance personnel to be well away from the immediate work area while a pipe is being removed or installed.

 8. Shuttle Car Cable Reel Interlock Valve: Anglo American.

An engineering control to prevent cable damage due to being run over by the shuttle car and remove the arc flash hazard was implemeted on one of the shuttle cars at the Grosvenor Mine, which incorporates a hydraulic manifold utilising the pressure from the cable reel to pilot valve.

9. Infra- red Thermal Camera on Underground  Mobile Equipment: Peabody Energy Australia.

Infra-red thermal camera technology reduces the risk to persons from machinery operating in close proximity to people with low visibility. It is aimed at providing the operator with the ability to detect people in traditional blind spots.

10. T282C Air Filter Lift Access Platform: Millennium Mine – Peabody Energy.

The access platform is an effective solution to difficulties associated with changing out engine air filters. It incorporates a batter drill operated winch pulley attached to a hoist cage, and eliminates the manual handling risk of walking air filters down flight of stairs.


What do you think of the finalists? 

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