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The real big name in dredging is Mini

Mini Dredging has been building and operating our own dredges for over 16 years and have dredged many different materials in a wide range of industries. The name “Mini” Dredging comes from the fact that the dredges are specifically designed for maximum portability and accessibility.

But don’t let the word “Mini” fool you.

These dredges are custom-built, robustly engineered and are the result of years of design development. We’ve proved time and time again that size is not important. We can customise a dredge to suit your specific requirements and achieve results that are sure to surprise you.

We have solved the industrial and environmental problems associated with a range of materials in unlined and plastic lined dams on mine sites and coal fired electricity generation plants throughout Australia.

All you need to do is tell us your problem and we’ll find the solution

Whatever the product to be dredged, we are able to move it over distances or back into the mineral processing circuit. We have dredged sand, mud slimes, gravels, mineral sands, ash, tailings and hazardous materials. We can dredge plastic lined dams without damage to liner, dredged dams from 20×20 metres to the very largest dam and remove materials with a PH as low as 0.5PH.

Mini specialises in:

i. Coal tailings recovery

ii. Dredging mud and sludge from the bottom of deep open pits

iii. Dredging plastic lined dams

iv. Mini offers a free service to inspect dams, offer advice and cost estimate.

Recent dredging projects in Queensland at Coppabella, Hail Creek, NRG Gladstone, in Victoria at Kulwin, in WA at KCGM, Golden Grove, Jundee, Verve Energy Collie and in SA at Angas Zinc Mine.

Dredging in Acid containment ponds
One of our specific projects was where we successfully completed dredging in an Acid containment pond and a water storage pond at Murrin Murrin for Minara Resources Ltd. The containment pond had approximately 25,000 cm of concentrates to dredge and was highly acidic, with PH levels of 0.4 – 2.5. However, provided we are advised of these levels at the time of quoting we are capable of dredging in levels down to PH zero ( 0 ). We have also dredged the No.1 Tailings Dams at Groote Eylandt N.T. and also a large dam at Olympic Dam S.A.

How can we help?
1. Remove
Mini Dredging specialise in the removal of slimes, sands and concentrates from dams as small as 20×20 metres. Our custom-built dredges are capable of removing a variety of solids from tailings dams, without damage to any plastic lining, to increase dam capacity to levels you never thought possible. Our process returns the capacity of your dam with a perfectly flat bottom – no lumps, no bumps. It’s accurate and effective.

2. Recover
Our dredges pump an incredibly high material density consistent enough for you to be able to inject directly into your ball mills or thickeners in order to recover previously discarded material. These days, recovery is an even more important part of the mining process and Mini Dredging have the experience and know how to help you achieve the best possible results.

3. Reprocess
Concentrates and other materials can be dewatered – ideal for reprocessing.

The consistent feed and density achieved by our dredges allows the dewatering tower to produce an ongoing “rope” of solid material which is much easier to handle.

Safety and the Environment
Containment of oil spills
Each dredge has a number of built-in design features to limit fuel or hydraulic oil spills.

Automatic hydraulic shutdown Murphy gauges and oil spill containment equipment is fitted to every dredge. This includes an oil boom and appropriate absorbents.

Emergency cleaning procedures
Fully documented emergency safety procedures are in place and drilled as part of standard operator training and induction.

Safety induction procedures
Mini Dredging have fully documented safety induction procedures.

Specialised Expertise
Mini Dredging primarily services the mining industry by desludging dams in a variety of sizes including plastic lined dams, tailings dams or any situation which cannot be accessed by conventional means such as earthmoving equipment, vacuum machines or numerous slurry pumps.

We are highly experienced in the cleaning and maintenance of plastic lined dams. We’ve developed a number of accessories that enable effective sludge removal without any risk of damage to the liner.

High Pressure Water Cannon
We combine the high pressure mobile water cannon, which dislodges caked material from the edge, with our specially adapted dredges and cutter heads to give you a totally effective cleaning solution.

Support Equipment

Fully equipped mobile workshop
Mini Dredging minimises downtime with the supply of a fully equipped mobile workshop to enable repairs to be handled onsite. Workshop includes generators to supply power to portable lighting plant to enable 24 hour operation.

Service vessel
The custom-built Mini Dredging service vessel, the “Piranha”, allows for safe transfer of personnel and equipment and has the capacity to hold 4000 litres of fuel.

Portable jetty
A portable jetty with fully enclosed safety rail and landing platform makes for safe and easy transfer and loading of personnel and equipment.

Crane lift
A 50 tonne crane is required to lift the dredge and support equipment on-site (dependant on access).

We have a core number of very experienced personnel, with a combined total of around 45 years in the dredging business. Our personnel take particular pride in their approach to onsite safety.

Completion of any dredging project is undertaken within the allotted time schedule in a neat, safe and professional manner. As a result of dredging on so many mine sites for clients such as BHP Billiton, Rio-Tinto, MacArthur Coal, Barrick Gold and Iluka Resources to name a few, our personnel are constantly undergoing safety inductions, and are exposed to a wide variety of the latest up-to-date worksafe practices throughout the mining industry.

We are proud to report that we have never had any withdrawal of accommodation, incident reports or complaints involving any of our personnel, who are eager to comply with our high standard of expectation.


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