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Top tips for staying safe at work

Top tips for staying safe at work

Unfortunately workplace accidents are a more regular occurrence in Australia than they should be. To prevent workplace injuries and to stay safe at work, St John Ambulance Victoria has compiled the top tips you and your colleagues can undertake.
1. Watch out from above!
Dozens of Australian workers die each year due to falling objects. By staying aware
of your surroundings on the ground and above, and by wearing protective equipment
when on site, you can dramatically reduce your risk of injury from falling objects.
2. Stay hydrated
Keeping hydrated is important whether you’re working outside, or in an office all day.
Staying hydrated is not only good for your body, but it can also improve focus and
concentration. Stay away from sugary drinks if you can as they can increase the
speed of dehydration.
3. Be extra aware when working from heights
This seems like an obvious tip, but unfortunately between 2003 and 2015, 359
Australian workplace deaths were caused by people falling from heights. It is
extremely important when working from heights to manage the risks effectively, such
as using barriers when necessary.
4. Take care of your mental health too
High levels of stress can have an enormous impact on your mental health in the
workplace. Learning to manage stress caused by work is an extremely important tool
to teach yourself. Take time to recharge outside of work and learn coping
mechanisms that work for you such as meditation.
5. Always beaware of your surroundings, it might not be you!
In 2015, Safework Australia found almost 50 bystanders were killed in workplace
accidents. This means that these people didn’t cause the accident, but suffered the
ultimate consequence because of it. To reduce the risks to you and your co-workers,
always watch out for hazards and poor safety practice in the workplace.
Safety in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility. To book a First Aid course for your
workplace head to www.stjohnvic.com.au.

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