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U.S. Mine Companies Can’t Find Workers To Fill Jobs

US mine workerMine Companies in the U.S. are having a hard time finding workers according to research conducted by the Centre for Economic and Business Research and job site Indeed.com.

According to the research, “…more than 36% of the jobs in this industry stay open for longer than three months, with jobs like crew member, crew foreman and field supervisor staying open a particularly long time.”

Paul D’Arcy from Indeed.com told Market Watch that one of the reasons  job vacancies are not being filled quickly, “may have to do with the fact that not many new people are seeking jobs in the field.”

In case your were wondering, the average pay for a miner in the U.S, is $US31 an hour for all employees and $US27 an hour on average for nonsupervisory roles. Remember that’s US dollars folks…

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