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Conveyor Belt Monitoring

Two great new products designed to extend the safe working life of your conveyor belting and maximise the return on your assets are now available to the market, if you are looking for new, non-invasive ways to monitor belting we have the solutions.

CBM’s Longitudinal Rip Detection System is non-contact, has nothing embedded in belt and importantly works on all belt types – steel cord, fabric and solid woven.

Supporting the longitudinal rip detection system is our new Vision/Profile Monitor. This state of the art system allows for visual inspection and cover thickness to be determined without stopping the belt and therefore not impact negatively on your production.

It certainly is a new age and CBM is proud to be at the forefront of developing new and advanced technologies aimed at minimising down time and saving dollars.

Based in Sydney (Australia), Conveyor Belt Monitoring’s (CBM’s) independence (from belt manufacturers), excellent customer service, integrity and professionalism have led to both national and international acclaim, servicing the leading mining companies globally.

CBM’s outstanding professional conduct and exacting standards have resulted in an expanding pool of talented staff and satisfied clients worldwide.

Built on providing services to the mining industry and in excess of 30 years experience, our success is based on a comprehensive understanding of the conditions faced by those who work in the mining industry.

We are proud that CBM is the longest standing conveyor monitoring service group in the world, providing the materials handling industry with talented and experienced professionals since 1980.

CBM – Longitudinal Rip Detection
CBM – Vision / Profile Monitoring
CBM – Conveyor System Inspection
CBM – Remote Monitoring
CBM – Semi-Remote Monitoring
CBM – Steel Cord Belt Scanning
CBM – Fabric Belt Scanning

Call CBM, celebrate with us and experience the extended safe working life of your conveyor belting.

CONTACT For details about this service, please contact CBM By phone: +61 2 9979 6644 By e-mail: info@cbmi.com.au Web: www.cbmi.com.au

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