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To ensure efficient logistic and technical support within Australia, DSI has branch offices and warehouses in Qld, NSW, Victoria and WA. These offices are close to the major mining regions in those states and staffed by experienced and passionate ground support professionals.

Overseas customers benefit from our purpose built container facility and export specific services, which include a streamline system of electronic documentation, load planning software, export compliant packaging and a range of logistic options from our dedicated export team.

Strata conditions at mine sites can be very diverse, varying greatly from mine to mine. The unique nature of many of the support problems experienced underground requires the development of innovative and often specifically tailored solutions. DSI utilises its multi-disciplinary team in partnership with the mine and consultants to identify possible solutions.

New products and strategies are delivered with comprehensive training to operators by our skilled staff to ensure the solution is all inclusive, whenever and wherever required.

Adequately designed and installed ground support is a product of all the elements working together, hence strata reinforcement testing by the same team that develops and manufactures your ground support ensures that all components of your strata support plan work together.

DSI Civil complements the mining products and services by providing geotechnical products, innovative tunneling systems and post-tensioning systems as an important part of the DSI Australia Pacific business.

To remain market leaders DSI is continually reviewing its quality processes from material supply, manufacture, onsite testing, product education and installation training.

DSI is committed to meeting the expectations of customers and consumers by conducting its business in a sustainable way, responsibly and with integrity.

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