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EDA imports second Rig to complement their Foremost Explorer 65 Rig

Energy Drilling Australia (EDA), has secured a second rig, a Schramm TXD drilling rig to complement their existing drilling capability.

It is envisaged that the rig will be utilised within the Coal Seam Gas drilling sector, and should be ready to commence operations early in 2012.

The TXD rig has a slightly deeper drilling capability than the Foremost, which will enable CSG operators a greater degree of flexibility in selecting appropriate drilling programmes for its utilisation.

EDA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publically listed company Ausdrill Limited, who has a long standing track record of some 24 years in the mining and mineral drilling industry both domestically and internationally. EDA has been established as a company to address the CSG drilling market and due to the fact that the company is a relative newcomer to this facet of the drilling industry; it has enabled the company to address the needs of CSG operators and provide rigs and equipment tailored to these needs.

In addressing this particular marketplace, EDA believes that CSG exploration and production is assured of a long term sustainable growth and this is particularly reinforced with the confirmation of commitments to the construction of LNG facilities in Gladstone and other Queensland coastal centres by a number of CSG Operators, all of which will be fed by gas production from CSG.

EDA has an uncompromising commitment to set industry standards in respect to :

  • The provision of the most technically advanced rigs and equipment available
  • Field personnel with the highest of core competency skills
  • An ISO1408 certified HSEQ system and
  • Professional Management Leadership

In light of the above, EDA has a long term vision in establishing itself as a “contractor of choice”, and whilst the current focus is the provision of drilling services, the company is looking to address other service related activities within the CSG market sector to complement its current CSG drilling business.

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