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Fibopost: Leading the way in electric fencing

DID YOU KNOW: The average lifespan of a PET plastic bottle disposed in a landfill is more than 700 years?


This is just one of the reasons why GreenMoxie Australia uses PET bottles to create their world-changing electric fences!


The FiboPost has been created from raw and recycled post consumer stock, using the superior stiffness and resilience of PET to design a product that can perform in extreme conditions. An ideal solution for fencing within the mining industry to keep livestock off the mine site, the FiboPost is non conductive and will not cause any electrical interference in critical areas of your operations.


The Product

The Fibopost production removes waste Polyethylene terephthalate “PET” from the recycling / landfill streams, before converting this material into Fiboposts. The benefits of this include longevity, as PET is not expected to break down in the landfill for more than 700years, making it an ideal material for long life fence posts.

PET itself is made from recycled cool drink bottles and packaging strapping; and 26 bottles can make 1 x 1,650mm Fibopost. Its’ unique structure enables it to maintain +95% of its strength after 5 years exposure in the Queensland sun.

The Fibopost has hi-tech fibre reinforcement; and the strength-to-weight ratio is higher than steel – the Fiboposts are 1/3 of the weight of the equivalent steel star picket. Fiboposts can utilise screw fixtures and staples, common for the erection of silt fencing containment.


Safety Benefits of Fiboposts for Mining

The mining industry has long used steel star pickets for electric fencing around the mine site, and although these have proven effective for some; they are also a serious safety concern.

So serious, in fact, that in 2011, the Northern Territory Government issued the following warning, “Do not use star pickets for support of road work signs, bunting, flagging, fencing, etc within 9 metres of the trafficked path.”

This was endorsed by VicRoads in May 2005, “steel star pickets should not be used where they are located within one metre of the traffic path.”

Although the dangers have been recognised, there has not been an alternative replacement that performs as a replacement – until now!

Due to the flexibility of the material used, Fibopost on your mine site can provide the following benefits:

  • Prevents damage to equipment tyres in the event machinery runs over the pickets
  • Flexible – reduces the risk of dangers and injury associated with pressure (no sharp edges)
  • Easy to see with bright colours or glow in the dark
  • They will last hundreds of years and won’t be impacted by extreme heat (or cold)
  • Can be used for blast peg holding wires and won’t be destroyed during blasting; also easily recoverable
  • Ideal for excluding livestock from mine sites
  • Self-insulators, saving you money on external insulation for your steel posts.
  • Non conductive: prevents danger if the post hits electrical cables when being driven into the ground.
  • Won’t create any radio interference in critical mine areas
  • Will not rust or leach harmful chemicals into the ground, making it also suitable for organic farming.


Fibopost is a unique product; with an electric fence insulator that can replace star pickets in any fencing, sign, containment, survey and safety applications. GreenMoxie produces the Fibopost 600XT and 369XT models and can customise the product to suit each client’s requirement, both in length of the post and hole or slot spacing. You can also choose a colour to stand out, suitable for vision impairment, and even those that glow in the dark.

Find out more about Fibopost with GreenMoxie Australia.



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