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Industrial lubrication management

For 20 years PRECISE LUBRICATION has been providing lubrication management solutions to varied industries from mining to manufacturing, we pride ourselves on providing sound advice when it comes to the reliability of your lubricated plant and equipment.

Oil Analysis
With the recent acquisition of the latest in next generation oil analysis equipment, PRECISE LUBRICATION has positioned itself as a leader in used oil analysis. Monitoring machinery and lubricant health form the basis for any successful asset reliability program. With all analysis being performed to ASTM and ISO standards, reliable and repeatable results are of the highest priority. We pride ourselves on being a small company providing individual personalised service, this is evident with most of our customers having long term relationships spanning many years.

Utilising used oil analysis only forms part of a successful lubricant condition monitoring program, the results you receive are only as good as the oil samples being collected. PRECISE LUBRICATION can advise on oil sampling techniques and practices to assist with improving your current oil sampling program. An oil sampling survey is recommended to identify current lubricants in use, correct oil sampling locations, collection methods and procedures to maximise the quality of data collected from each sample.

PRECISE LUBRICATION is the South Australian dealership for Filter Technology Australia. Filter Technology Australia provide world class leading edge filtration systems that complement existing OEM filtration systems. Patented technology removes particulate contamination down to two microns. The results are dramatically increased equipment life, oil life and, in the case of diesel powered units, reduced fuel consumption, and lower carbon dioxide and particulate emissions. We can also assess your current filtration requirements and assist in implementing further improvements to the often inadequate OEM installed filtration and contamination control measures. By improving your contamination control measures, filter change intervals can often be extended along with equipment and lubricant life expectancy.

Trico — a worldwide leader in lubrication management provides a complete resource for the products you need to keep your equipment running productively.

Lubrication management plays an important role in reducing costs and increasing productivity, success depends on finding the right source for lubrication products and services to meet the needs of industrial equipment.


  • Constant Level Lubrication
  • Desiccant Breathers
  • Oil Sampling
  • Moisture Removal Systems
  • Fluid Handling Systems
  • Gravity Feed Oilers
  • Grease Lubrication
  • Central Lubrication
  • Filtration Systems and Carts
  • Spray Cooling and Minimum Quantity Lubrication


Trading as PRECISE LUBRICATION (As of 1st July 2011)

Oil Analysis and Lubrication Specialists. Email: admin@lubemate.com.au Web: www.preciselubrication.com.au

Phone: +61 (0) 418 836 156 Fax: +61 8 8255 0099

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