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Oil sampling and analysis valves

In harsh mining environments, cleanliness of hydrocarbon fluids is the ultimate goal, ensuring that fluids remain clean and free from contamination means that operators can run their machinery for long periods between oil changes.

By constantly monitoring engine and hydraulic oils and accurately assessing its characteristics, operators have the advantage of changing the oil based on condition, not simply hours.

For instance, in the Pilbara, Hunter Valley or far north Queensland, fluids can get a real hammering and require frequent changing, whereas other areas do not cause the same level of stress.

It is possible to sample fluids when the vehicle is being serviced, or not operational for other reasons. The problem is that this kind of sampling doesn’t give an accurate picture of what’s happening in the field, because the fluids are cold, less viscous and contaminants may have settled.

Live sampling – when the machine is running and up to temperature – gives a totally accurate picture of the state of engine and hydraulic oils. In this state, the fluids are being sampled in actual operating conditions.

The live sampled fluids can then be taken directly to an on or off-site laboratory for analysis. Any irregularities found at this stage enable the operator to pull the machine out of service, avoiding potentially costly damage to components, as well as profit sucking downtime.

As well as flagging any abnormalities in the engine or hydraulic components, live sampling can also confirm that fluids are up to standard and do not require replacing. Given the cost of engine and hydraulic oils, filter elements and the financial imposts of downtime and maintenance personnel, getting a good life from your industrial fluids makes a lot of sense.

Fluid Transfer Management
– specialists in Total Hydrocarbon Management
Fluid Transfer Management addresses the need for specialised expertise in hydrocarbon management, all the way from filtration and monitoring to sophisticated fluid pumping and measuring equipment.

Established by Equipment Placement and Pressure Connections to service specialised industry requirements, FTM now supplies installations, equipment and components to the mining industry Australia-wide.

FTM is the sole Australian distributor for Checkfluid products, world leaders in live sampling and analysis valves and related components.

Checkfluid products are available for both pressurised and low/non pressurised sampling applications, and include a wide range of drains and adapters, enabling live sampling to be installed on any installation, whether mobile or stationery.

The design and precision manufacturing of Checkfluid products ensures maximum safety when sampling hot fluids. Typically, components are tested for ruggedness over one million cycles, and quality control is number one priority.

Checkfluid sampling valves are available in a number of models for lubricating and hydraulic oils, including highly viscous fluids. All popular thread sizes are catered for, with adapters readily available for unique thread sizes.

Making use of Checkfluid sampling and analysis valves, Fluid Transfer ManagementF have designed and produced a Live Sampling Box which can be fitted to any medium to large vehicle or equipment. Offering a choice of up to six ports, the FTM Live Sampling Box is manufactured in durable stainless steel and protects the sample valves from dust and other contaminants.

Ports are clearly labelled to avoid confusion and the sample bottles have locators to eliminate spillage.

In addition to fluid sampling and analysis, Fluid Transfer Management supplies a large range of related products including fluid handling systems, refuelling systems and components, flow meters, dust/ moisture contamination control products and high pressure valves and pumping products.

FTM also provides expert advice in Total Hydrocarbon Management in both auditing and planning capacities.

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