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Big Boys Toys: Jedei Wingsuit



Unkind people have suggested the Jedei Wingsuit looks a little like a onesie. But can a onesie carve through canyons at speeds greater than an open-throttle Yamaha PeeWee 50? I think not. At least my onesie can’t and I wouldn’t suggest you try yours at home either.

The parachute (yes it’s got a parachute you big wuss) is located inside the suit to reduce drag, and for the same reason they also got rid of pesky things like zippers and the emergency backup Cessna twin engine prop. I may have made up that part about the twin engine prop.

The company website asks, “Would you like to be able to reach your toggles without unzipping?” I’m sure we all would, which is why they designed an Escape Sleeve that has been “refined and updated to allow even easier access to your toggles”. Good for those who have experienced issues with toggle access in the past.

The Jedei also comes with a BASE sole option which is basically a bit of tractor tyre sewn into the feet of the suit that allows for extra grip on the side of the cliff – just before you launch yourself into the air and plummet really fast towards a big hard lump of rock called Earth. You wouldn’t want to accidentally trip up before doing that.


Will set you back: $AUD 1,890
Top Speed: Really, really fast in a sort of downward direction.
It’s nothing like: Jumping off the chook house roof clutching a kite.
Why?: Why not?
Source: www.tonywingsuits.com

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