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It’s amazing what can be achieved when you don’t have a sex life, and the clever, yet nerdy scientists at NCR present a fascinating case study into the phenomenon. They had so much spare time on their hands that they decided to redesign every single part, nut and bolt on the NCR M16 to be as light as the ultra light beer they would have been drinking at their Local if only they had a social life. All those late night nerd-ins paid off because the NCR achieves an incredible weight of 145kg while still having the strength of a thousand FIFO workers at closing time.

The NCR is made from space ship stuff like new-breed carbon fibre, magnesium and (gads!) titanium so straight away you know it’s got to be better than a Yamaha PeeWee 50.

The NCR M16 also has three user selectable maps. Just the three. Little stingy there.

It also has constant fuel remapping based on where you are and how much fuel you have left to ensure you don’t find yourself stuck on The Bruce somewhere between Gympie and Gin Gin in the middle of a hail storm. Those love-starved scientists at NCR think of everything.


Will set you back: $AUD 201,452
Top Speed: 307 kph
It’s nothing like: Your Aunty Faye’s scooter
Why?: Because it’s nothing like your Aunty Faye’s scooter
Source: www.ncrfactory.com/eng/html/23.02.shtml

[pullQuote]“It’s made from space ship stuff like new-breed carbon fibre, magnesium and titanium…” [/pullQuote]

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