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Qld Mining Contractors urged to enter awards and raise profile

Mining industry contractors and suppliers are being urged to enter the only awards in Australia designed to put the spotlight on their essential contribution to the sector.

Jodie Currie, director of the Bowen Basin Mining Club, said the Queensland Mining Contractor Awards were created to fill a void and to recognise the contribution contractors make every day to the success of Queensland’s mining industry.

Contractors of all sizes have until Wednesday April 30 to submit entries related to projects which must have been completed in Queensland between June 2012 and December 2013.

“Every day on mine sites throughout Queensland, contractors and suppliers are driving innovation and helping to make projects profitable,” she said.

“As market conditions have changed in recent years, contractors have adapted to guide projects through the downturn, often through the development of technologies which enhance efficiency.

“Indeed, it is not fanciful to suggest that, without the exceptional contribution contractors are making to technical innovation and exemplary service provision, some of the mines in our state would not be operational.

“Contractors and suppliers have responded magnificently to the challenge of the changing market and financial downturn and their contribution to improving safety and productivity has ensured Queensland mining remains at the cutting edge of global excellence.

“It is only right to acknowledge the vital role contractors play in the continuing success of the resources sector in all parts of the economic cycle.

Ms Currie said one of the most important facets of the awards process was the competitive advantage entering companies would be able to leverage in bidding for future contracts.

“When tendering for work, it will be very useful for producers and explorers to see which contractors have been recognised by industry professionals as the best in the business.

“In a competitive industry which demands continual improvement and innovation, those companies that can point to proven examples of their aptitude, invention and practical problem solving will inevitably be favoured in the tender process.”

The independent judging panel comprises three big names from the industry who will be looking for examples of contractors and suppliers with proven ability to be adaptable, dynamic and inventive.

Those judges are Trevor Davies, former CEO of Golding Contractors Pty, Michael Gray, managing director of Bandanna Energy and Jan Anfruns, principal development officer at the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning.

Mr Davies said contract miners were faced with huge challenges, with a high level of competition and a working environment that changed rapidly.

“In order to become a contractor of choice, they need to deliver to the client safely and ahead of time,” he said.

“To achieve this they need to think smarter and react quicker than their competitors. The demonstration of thinking outside the square to deliver excellence is what is expected in this competition.”

To see eligibility criteria and how to enter, visit www.bbminingclub.com/awards.

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