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Schramm’s TXD Rig changing the Australian drilling industry

Airdrill, founded in 1969 specialises in sales and service of drilling equipment for the exploration, blast hole, mineral grade control, water well and CSG industries. Airdrill presents their clients with world class engineering skills, manpower and highly experienced personnel to service, supply, design, maintain and upgrade drilling and auxiliary equipment. Airdrill’s largest Rig, the Schramm TXD is a representation of Schramm and Airdrill’s commitment to leading the industry in innovative rig design.

Airdrill and Schramm formalised their working relationship in 1994. This has resulted in Airdrill being the sole distributor for Schramm in the Australasian region. “We take the best Schramm rigs and ‘train them up’ to work in a land where most rigs struggle” as quoted by Airdrill.

Airdrill’s largest model, the Schramm TXD is a world proven Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Rig. Throughout the world, there are currently over 100 in operation and there is an increasing presence in the Australian Coal Seam Gas Industry. The newest TXD machine is about to arrive in Australia and another is following directly behind on the water. It’s easy to see that the TXD is becoming the Rig of choice for Coal Seam Gas Drilling in Australia.

The TXD distinguishes itself by supplying a heavy hoist, trailer mounted, top head drive with an automated pipe handling system. It utilises innovative Schramm Telemast technology which works together to achieve range 3 pipe length capability. This is supplied in an efficient readily transportable package. This model is ideally suited for shallow gas, surface hole, CBM, directional and large diameter drilling applications with mud or air.

In the transport position, the Schramm TXD is the most compact and manoeuvrable trailer mounted rig in the market. With virtually no overhang, the rig can travel to new worksites without the need for complicated route planning, meaning more time on the job and less time on the road.

The TXD boasts features such as:

  • Schramm patented Telemast
  • 50’ top head travel
  • 200,000 lb hoist
  • Trailer mounted automated pipe handling system
  • Hands-free power breakout
  • Fast set-up

The TXD has the ability to run Range III Casing and provides the smallest Drill Pad in the industry. Coupled with a less than three day set up time, this will ensure you spend more time drilling and less time setting up and pulling down, making this model extremely time efficient. With less loads to transport the TXD, it is arguably the most cost and time efficient Rig in its class on the market today. In Australia alone, there is currently $4,000,000 worth of spare parts and Airdrill is well positioned to provide 24hr 7 day a week support for the Telemast range of Drills.

With offices on both the east coast and the west coast it is easy to see why Airdrill is the Rig supplier of choice for Australia’s leading Coal Seam Gas Drilling Companies. For further information, please contact us today on 08 9334 5900 (Perth) or 07 3719 3800 (Brisbane).

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