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Selecting the best hand protection for the task

By Kevin Weatherford

People who play sports that require a swing of perfect alignment like golf, enjoy the outcome when the sweet spot is felt. The question is, how did they find the ‘sweet spot’? Did they get lucky with one swing and struggle locating it the next time or do they regularly hit the ‘sweet spot’, due to their dedication towards persistence?

Today, more than ever, we at Ringers Gloves are seeing customers select their hand safety protection based off of one of two things.  There is either a lower price point than what they currently have or they felt a sense of connection with a sales representative who promised some type of magic in their glove. We feel the lack of persistence and dedication towards identifying the hand hazards and exposure levels before selecting the proper hand safety protection, keeps these customers from ever seeing the cost savings in locating the ‘sweet spot’.

Ringers Gloves uses a 7 step process (https://ringersgloves.box.com/v/7-step-process) that helps to identify the correct method towards locating the ‘sweet spot’.  This method helps to guide the user to make the best decisions on all levels of hand protection needs within a facility.

This past summer, Ringers Gloves had the opportunity to assess a manufacturing facility that was having difficulty meeting their annual PPE budget. Below are the steps we followed to locate their ‘sweet spot’.

Ever wonder why a forklift operator is wearing the same cut level of hand protection as the sheet metal operator? And even worse, their monthly usage is the same?

Let’s take a look at this even closer, to uncover how the ‘sweet spot’ was found.

Let’s begin by looking at the sheet metal operator’s glove use.  Through the proper hand hazard assessment, we identified that the sheet metal operator needs a level of cut 4 protection.  The glove selected costs $10 each. Through understanding the exposure level, it was determined that 2 pairs of the selected glove would be used each month by this one operator.

Price Per Glove $10.00
Gloves Per Month 2
Cost Per Month (1 employee) $20.00
# of Employees 150
Total Monthly Glove Spend $3,000
Total Annual Glove Spend $36,000

Now let’s look back at the forklift operator’s hand protection. Remember, he is using the same glove and has the same monthly usage.

Price Per Glove $10.00
Gloves Per Month 2
Cost Per Month (1 employee) $20.00
# of Employees 50
Total Monthly Glove Spend $1,000
Total Annual Glove Spend $12,000

Through the proper hand hazard assessment, we have identified that the forklift operator has no exposure to cut hazards. Truly, what is needed, is superior grip with true feel. Through conversing with this operator, it was discovered that the he liked the sheet metal operator’s safety gloves because of their gripping capabilities. After reviewing a few options, the correct Ringers Glove was selected. The new selected glove costs $5.00.  With the proper training and communication of expectations it had also been determined that the operator only needs 1 pair per month.

The correct level of protection:

Price Per Glove $5.00
Gloves Per Month 1
Cost Per Month (1 employee) $5.00
# of Employees 50
Total Monthly Glove Spend $250
Total Annual Glove Spend $3,000
Annual Savings ($9,000) = “The Sweet Spot!”

When the correct level of persistence is applied towards identifying the hazard exposures, true cost savings will be seen every time. Staying out of the ‘sweet spot’, is when the magic glove is introduced and only the savings of a $1.50 a pair is viewed as a win. By the sales representative never walking onto the plant floor to evaluate the hazards, you could still be overprotecting the operator causing a higher priced level of hand protection to be used.

These behaviors are seen every day in multiple industries which cause companies to struggle meeting their PPE budgets. Many times procurement members are being measured on an overall immediate cost reduction, while safety members are being measured by an overall annual reduction in injuries. When both sides come together and understand that greater savings can be had by taking a deeper look upfront into all department hazards, both parties will be successful.

By incorporating the Ringers Gloves 7 step approach, you will benefit greatly, which will keep you in

The Sweet Spot!

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