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Strata Safety Products your support for life

Worker safety is at the core of the mining industry – and no one knows that better than Strata Products Worldwide, who has been offering a comprehensive and evergrowing line of products across the globe since 1992.

Under the Strata Products Worldwide umbrella – roof support developer Strata Products, ventilation and construction experts Strata Mine Services, and refuge chamber maker Strata Safety Products – play an arterial role in the safety of miners throughout the world’s mines.

Perhaps the most popular safety items backed by the Strata name are its emergency refuge chambers, airtight structures built to customer specifications and designed to sustain life in the event of an underground emergency. Rugged and durable, they are constructed to comply with safety regulations across the world’s minefields and withstand the harsh mining environment, and are available in various capacities. Every Strata unit is equipped with 36-96 hours of resources including breathable air, power and emergency supplies. When linked to underground compressed air and power sources, the chambers can keep workers safe long-term.

Even with the continued high level of demand, Strata is proud of the rapid turnaround it provides to mines globally via its network of manufacturing facilities. Through a presence in Perth, Newcastle, Melbourne as well as South America, the United Kingdom, Poland, China and its home base in the United States, Strata Safety Products provides service after the sale, including maintenance and repairs, and conducts training for mines taking delivery of these life-sustaining alternatives.

Strata have a history of bringing differentiated, innovative products and services to market in each of its business segments,” according to company president Rory Paton-Ash. “The company focuses on continuous enhancement to existing products and the introduction of new products and techniques.

Strata became a pioneer in the emergency response and safety segment when state and federal legislation launched new requirements for mine refuge chambers. With each new development or introduction, the company strives to bring a higher level of performance, safety, services and value to its customers.”

Strata Safety Products Australia headed by Tony Farrugia offers a large range mine support systems as well as Emergency Refuge Chambers, Change-Over Bases and Breathing Air Systems designed to sustain life in the event of emergencies below.

Leading the field into the coal mines throughout NSW and Queensland demonstrates the confidence that companies have with the Strata Products Refuge Chambers and Airdoc Units.

Strata Safety Products supplies a large range of chambers covering many different situations to both coal and non coal mining operations from its 36 person 96 hour inflatable unit to its winning single entry portable 4/6 Person Mine Airdoc® Chamber.

The 4 person Airdoc® provides high level safety for emergency situations to workers at the face of operations, it is very simple to use, compact and provides safe breathable air for more than 36 hours, internal heat is managed by using new generation refrigerated cooling.

The Airdoc® Chamber testing has exceeded all expectations and is another low maintenance extremely durable addition to the many products Strata offer to improve safety underground.

Safety also depends on a healthy environment, healthy people and healthy equipment and Strata not only provides world class safety equipment, and it offers training, service and preventative maintenance programs.

Many owners of new equipment often wish that the equipment will operate for years maintenance free unfortunately this is not the case especially with underground mining, the aggressive conditions underground test the best of all equipment to it limits and often equipment failure is directly related to service and maintenance.

Strata Safety Products strongly supports preventative maintenance programs, whilst this may seem as an unnecessary expense to the mine operators, in the long term total operational cost will be reduced, along with the peace of mind that your equipment is in its best shape to use in an emergency.

Items such as backup battery power is often left until a problem arises, this is very poor practice and just as refueling a vehicle, battery replacement must be a regular maintenance function and if overlooked can pose a serious failure to the emergency equipment .

A mine manager or maintenance manager should not be worried about the health of the refuge chamber when experienced assistance is readily available to support this need, the Strata group has experienced engineers on hand to provide reliable assistance to customers in need.

Strata Product’s growth philosophy is to employ the very best people in industry to drive the company forward and develop products ahead of their competitors. Its forward thinking has been rewarded by the successful expansion of the company to be one of the world’s largerst suppliers of mine safety products.

Tony Farrugia General Manager Strata Safety Products

Mobile: + 61 439 855 805 Office: + 61 3 97398853


Web: www.strataproducts.com

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