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Game Of Drones

Drone and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) usage in the mining and resources industry is really taking off. Australian Certified UAV Operators secretary Brad Mason shares everything you need to know to...


Driving Technology

Driving is one of the most dangerous things we all do on a regular basis and it has been identified by mining companies as a considerable risk – with many companies indicating it is the number one...


Will FIFO over-regulation drive down growth

Fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) has long been referred to as the ‘backbone’ of Australia’s resource industry,vital to facilitating  the movement of workers to regional and  emote mining, oil and gas projects...

Training Ombudsman to improve safety of Queenslanders

Attorney-General and Training and Skills Minister Yvette D’Ath said the government’s new Training Ombudsman is the only way to ensure Queensland has the best training in the country. Ms D’Ath spoke...


Learning on common ground

The Australia-China Free Trade Agreement may be making headlines for the political debate around foreign labour, but that’s not stopping the two nations from preparing for a more united future...

Energy Skills 2020: Queensland 8th Annual Conference

The only training and skills event dedicated specifically to Queensland’s energy, resources and telecommunications industry. The Energy Skills Queensland’s Annual Conference is a prime opportunity to...


Training for positive workforce cultures

As Queensland’s resource employers navigate challenging market conditions and the wider transition to a more production-focused industry, many workplaces are benefiting from the reduced costs and...


A crutch for injured workers

How important is mentoring the mentor upon return to work? Work Cover Queensland highlights the importance of communication between employers and employees, especially when it comes to workplace...


Lean & Green

Mine site environmental specialist, Phil Abernethy, explains why environmentally responsible mines can cost less to operate. Mines with good environmental performance really do have lower operating...

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