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Thermal Electric Elements specialises in the design and manufacture of heating solutions to suit any application. With a focus on high quality materials, quick turnaround times and a wealth of technical knowledge, TEE has been manufacturing top of the line products for nearly 40 years. Located in Coffs Harbour on the beautiful Mid North Coast of New South Wales, TEE has expanded to include sales branches in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in order to better serve its clients. Each branch is fitted with state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment making it even easier to talk with our designers face to face from any of our offices.

Thermal has supplied heating units to a number of mines over the years, including mines in both Africa and Australia. Many of TEE’s inline process heaters have been used in gold mines as far away as Ethiopia to assist in the elution process, while simpler space heaters have been used for comfort heating in mine site accommodation, and a range of drum heaters have assisted in keeping lubricants and greases fluid for machine maintenance. TEE even manufacture cabin heaters and heaters for hydraulic fluids to send to countries like USA where the harsh winters require the use of heaters to keep machinery moving.

The simple, yet efficient, design of TEE’s versatile inline process heaters can be manufactured to suit a wide range of applications, especially in the mining industry. From the elution process in gold mines to coking coal and waste water treatment, these heaters are always specifically designed with the customer’s needs in mind. Thermal’s engineering team work closely with the client in determining the most efficient solution instead of simply finding a heater that fits, meaning the unit supplied works more cost-effectively, efficiently and just the way the client wants it to.

This design process is used across TEE’s entire range. Specialising in custom-made heating solutions, TEE will always strive to find the best fit for the client’s application and can assist with heating almost anything, such as explosionproof pie warmers for underground lunch rooms, bain marie heaters for kitchens, air heaters for those chilly nights or heaters for processes not yet even imagined.

TEE will soon be launching their new ThermalEx™ range of IECEx certified hazardous area heaters offering an Australian made and owned alternative to overseas suppliers.

By sourcing heaters through TEE, the lead times and shipping costs of the project can be drastically reduced compared to that of overseas suppliers while ensuring the same high standards of safety are maintained.

After-sales service and technical advice is also much easier to obtain without the time difference experienced when dealing with companies in the UK or USA.

TEE’s ThermalEx™ heaters will ensure the high levels of safety required in the mining industry are upheld in any hazardous areas, minimising the risk of damage or worker injuries from explosions.

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