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Aimex launch for sykes super-tough new mining pump

Engineers at water management specialist AllightSykes have again raised the bar with a new pump designed to last longer and boost productivity when working in the world’s toughest mines.

Launched at the Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) in Sydney on 6 September, The Sykes MH300i is the first product in a new mediumhead pump range developed to operate in harsh mining, construction and sewerage by-pass environments which feature both high water flow and long pipe runs.

The switch from standard cast iron components to 316 stainless steel front and rear wear plates and impeller – plus a clever new bearing bracket set-up featuring damping properties, increases pumping efficiency to 77% for the first time, as Sykes Engineering and Pump Training Manager Gert Inja explained.

“Our analysis of exhaustive field trials told us that the standard cast iron impeller and plates corroded before they wore out, and so left room for improvement in terms of longevity and performance in harsh Australian mining conditions – widely believed to be among the most abrasive in the world,” he said.

“As well as the switch to 316 stainless steel as standard and the introduction of the new bearing bracket, we’ve selected a drive coupling to cover power requirements and resonance conditions (i.e. torsional vibration) to suit any pump and engine combination. This also makes the pump unusually robust as well as helping to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance costs.”

Other MH300i innovations include the introduction of a flooded, oil-lubricated pump bearing set-up and leak-free pump bearing isolator in place of the grease lubrication system featured in many other pumps. This neatly sidesteps the usual threat of pump failure due to either too much or too little grease – or because of contamination.

Designed and built at the AllightSykes principle facility in New South Wales, Australia, the Sykes MH300i is the latest in a line-up of pump offerings which have helped shape the world’s auto-priming pump market for more than 40 years.
AllightSykes Sales and Marketing Director Paul Sowerby said:

“Most pumps in this corner of the dewatering market are imported and then retrofretrofitted with various technologies in a bid to help them cope with Australia’s notoriously tough operating environments. Having all the crucial components designed, engineered and then factory-fitted in Australia means the new Sykes MH300i reaches the market tailor-made to make projects more efficient and productive.

“The impact of the breakthrough by the engineers will be felt throughout our key mining markets, but will also bring huge efficiency gains for our construction, sewerage by-pass and rental customers. For them, steps taken to virtually eliminate inefficient pump and engine misalignment means the MH300ii can be moved around from site to site without the pump coupling having to be realigned afterwards.”

The Sykes brand has been a major force in world pump markets for over 40 years. Much of its success has stemmed from its priming systems which improve fluid handling efficiencies and greatly reduce maintenance requirements. A ‘snore’ facility built into its ground-breaking auto-priming pumps means they can run dry without damage for extended periods.

Manufacturing bases in New South Wales and Dubai have enabled Sykes to systematically add to their domestic market domination via established distribution networks across a number of key global markets including South Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia, and the Americas.

AllightSykes emerged following the acquisition of Sykes in November 2010 by Allight Holdings Pty Ltd, where Sykes sits comfortably alongside our other world class brands; Allight towers, FG Wilson generators, Perkins engines and Rotair compressors. Other de-watering brands which are distributed in Australia include Grindex submersibles and Dragflow dredge pumps.

The combined business generates annual revenues of $250m and employs 350 people worldwide.

For more information about the complete service on offer visit us at www.allighsykes.com or speak to one of sales team on 1300 ALLIGHT.

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