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Bullet Supercharged: Welcome to bullet cars, Australia’s leading supercharger specialist


Bullet Cars is more than just a first class performance workshop – Bullet designs and manufacturers and exports supercharger systems worldwide.

With more locally designed kits using positive displacement, screw and centrifugal superchargers, Bullet Cars have the largest range of superchargers for cars and 4WD vehicles in the Southern Hemisphere.

6-5-Superdiesel-side-on-cut-out-FEATUREDIndividual supercharger units, DIY kits, supercharger rebuilds and a complete range of spare parts are available as well as a full fitting service and custom fabrication in their new purpose built facility.

Bullet Cars is also the home of the legendary Bullet Roadster SS – Australia’s own answer to the world of high performance Supercars – Rear wheel drive, fully ADR complied, Supercharged V8 convertible. For more information on used Bullet Cars and the new supercharged V12 convertible in development go to www.bulletcars.com or join Bullet Cars on Facebook.

When it comes to squeezing more horsepower out of a given number of cubic inches, nothing compares to forced induction. The amount of power any engine produces depends on how much air it gets.

Supercharging is the best way to get increased torque with instant response. A supercharged 3.5 litre engine with just 6 pounds of boost can make as much power as any 6 litre V8. High Boost systems can achieve in excess of 100% power and torque increases.

You can enjoy:

  • Quicker smoother acceleration
  • Easy hill climbing and passing
  • 6 litre power with 4 litre cruise economy


bullet-logoAny questions or enquiries regarding Bullet Car’s products can be submitted through their online contact form or by calling their office to speak to one of the friendly sales representatives.


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