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Convict Motorcycles: Wanted – Owners who have earned the right to be “Convicted”


Convict Motorcycles is a leading Australian motorcycle manufacturer, which has been designing and developing motorcycles for the v-twin industry since 2006. Through a lengthy and stringent process, we produced a softail-based platform of motorcycles which achieved full-volume Australian Design Rule compliance, and are export ready to the US and European countries.

Convict_holden_r4-FEATUREDHaving returned from the World Championship of Bike Building in Sturgis, USA in 2011, one of Convict’s first models, the Escape, was judged by the world’s 150 best bike builders. For a first time effort, a Top Ten placing in the Production Bike Class has been an excellent achievement, and testament to our attention to detail.

Not willing to rest on our achievements to date, Convict is always looking to raise the bar. With a vision to be the leading Australian-made production motorcycle, we’re calling on all Australians to be involved in the design and development of their own motorcycle, rather than merely plucking a model off an imported-bike showroom floor.

At present, we’re working on new models for late 2014 delivery, and can rapidly develop new one-off models with full volume compliance to suit all different tastes. Old School, New School, No School….we’re ready to work with you.

One of our new models will be launched at the Lions TT in Kyogle during October 2014. We’ve all seen the rise of blended styles of motorcycles, and this new model will be no different. With a rigid-framed Café/Drag racer inspired design, 100ci+ of grunt and a hold on tight attitude for under $30,000, this fully customisable production bike will make a scene in the market.

With a high level of design and development capability in house, we’re also designing aftermarket parts for the v-twin and power sports industry. As a solidly Australian brand, it is at the core of Convict Motorcycles to provide Australian and international customers with a platform that is comprised of a majority of Australian-made components, and when not yet currently possible, we incorporate internally recognised brands such as S&S to power our machines.

Whether for bike builds or new part design and manufacture, our attention to ergonomics, compliance with Australian Design Rules and shear innovation sets Convict apart on a global scale. To that point, each bike build commences with an ergonomic fitment of rider to bike and then we build around that to our specifications.

While based in Brisbane, Australia, we work continue to work with the world’s leading brands and riders to improve our machines and the offering to our loyal client base.

For more information, join us on Facebook, test out your desired custom paint job through our website or send us an email for more information or to make an appointment for a fit-up.


Lions TT: Australia’s only Tourist Trophy Event

The Lions TT, Festival and café racer Sprint event is aiming to embed a history and tradition targeting a wide motorcycle demographic audience. A three-day and two night long lasting motorcycle festival. It is open to all motorcycle brands, types of motorcycles and crazy characters.

The Lions TT Group and its partners aim is to make this the Motorcycle Life style enthusiasts dream event, while making it the biggest, largest and legendary motorcycle event in Australia. The Lions TT “is” going to be the largest motorcycle enthusiast, motorcycle open-air event in Australia.

We are developing the event so that the Lions TT participants and sponsors help bring back the original spirit of the motorcycle enthusiasts, the “Spirit on two wheels” back on the tarmac, the 44 km closed road circuit full of hills, turns, river crossings and rickety bridges. The Lions TT is for visitors and participants, an immersion in the general and very cool motorcycle scene, nationally and internationally. It is a meeting point for all motorcycle enthusiasts, designers, engineers, developers and their motorcycles and trendsetters of the scene.

At Kyogle, an industry fair & street carnival atmosphere will run over two days. Kyogle will be offering its warm country town hospitality to all who come. It will consist of participants, customizers and clubs from all over Australia. This unique motorcycle happening is going to be themed by motorcycle history with a forties, fifties and sixties theme. Our sponsors, dealers and industry businesses will play a great role in making the Lions TT successful.

The Lions TT, Kyogle and Scenic Rim Councils are offering unhindered access to the famous Lions road where 44km of the road is blocked off to all except participating motorcyclists, which means no on-coming traffic. Running along side the Loins TT event will be our 1/8-mile motorcycle sprint in Kyogle during the Sunday. With a friendly carnival atmosphere, live music, many varied activities and optional half day ride routes to local townships or scenic routes that will cater for the road rider or the dirt adventure enthusiasts.

To ensure the event delivers a major boost for key regional centres, Casey has now established the Lions TT as not-for profit group which will run events with profits generated to be donated to upkeep of the Lions Rd. By the very nature of running an event on the Lions Rd annually, and finishing the event in Kyogle, there is a great economic benefit opportunity for the town of Kyogle and its constituents.

Be part of history in the making, become a LTT Founding Member by joining us on Facebook or via our website Lionstt.com in preparation for the inaugural Founding Members run on June 22nd.


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